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Foundations for different skin types - does yours match?

Written by Cindy Hoke on Friday, 14 November 2014. Posted in Makeup Tips

Foundations for you!

Today, foundation comes in many different forms -- liquid, cream, stick, mineral powder and tinted moisturizer.  Are you using the correct one for your skin type?

Foundation is a tinted cosmetic used to even out skin tone and color, conceal imperfections, and protect the skin from the outside elements of climate, dirt, and pollution.

To help you with any confusion when selecting the perfect foundation for you, here are some simple tips to keep in mind:

Best for all skin types.  If you have slightly oily skin, opt for an oil-free formula.  Liquid foundation provides a light to medium coverage.
Application Tip:  Pour a few drops on a makeup palette, dip in a foundation brush and paint over your face from the center out.

Best for very dry skin and camouflaging birthmarks and scars.  Cream foundation provides a full coverage.
Application Tip:  Applied with a damp sponge will help the cream glide on smoothly.

Best for dry skin.  Stick foundation provides a medium coverage.
Application Tip:  Apply a stripe down your face and blend with your fingers.

Best for sensitive skin and anyone with rosacea or acne.  Mineral Powder provides a light coverage, but is buildable.
Application Tip:  Use a fluffy powder brush to deposit an even layer.

Best for normal to dry skin.  Tinted Moisturizer provides a very light sheer coverage.
Application Tip:  A quick swipe of your fingers will do the trick.

Skin Types

on Thursday, 18 April 2013. Posted in Makeup Tips, Makeup Trends, fresh faces News

Do you know what skin type you have?

Have you ever looked into the mirror and wondered what skin type you have?  Is your skin dry, oily, normal, etc?  There are four major skin types - which one are you?

  1. Oily
  2. Combination
  3. Normal
  4. Dry


Oily skin produces an excessive amount of oil all over the face every day, all day long.  The skin looks shiny due to the presence of any oily film.  It also looks coarse and rough in texture.  Blackheads and blemishes may be present.  Pores are generally enlarged.



This skin type is like having two different skin types on the same face.  Combination skin generally experiences an oily skin type in the T-zone and a dry skin type on the cheeks.  Both areas of oiliness and dryness are present every day, all year long.  The skin looks shiny in the T-zone due to the presence of an oily film.  It also looks dry and matte on the cheeks.  Blackheads and blemishes may be present, especially in the T-zone area.  Pores on the nose, forehead and chin generally look enlarged.



Normal skin is not too oily or too dry.  Blemishes are uncommon, as skin looks soft and supple.  Pores are generally small and not noticeable.  Skin looks healthy and smooth.



When skin loses its ability to produce oil and retain moisture, it feels dry.  Though it may look smooth with small pores, it may have a tight, leathery appearance.


Find out what eye liner color works best for your eyes!

Written by Cindy Hoke on Thursday, 06 September 2012. Posted in Makeup Tips, Special Occasions, Proms, Weddings, Makeup Trends

See how your eyes can pop and sparkle with the right eye liner color!

Ever wonder what eye liner color to use for your eyes?  Here are some fun color tips for your eyes!

  • LIGHT BLUE Eye Liner:  Makes blue eyes appear darker and bluer.  Also, makes the whites of the eyes appear whiter.
  • DARK BLUE Eye Liner:  Make blue eyes appear paler.
  • VIOLET Eye Liner:  Makes blue eyes appear violet and makes dark eyes appear darker.
  • DARK GREEN/FOREST GREEN/YELLOW Eye Liner:  Makes green eyes appear greener.
  • FOREST GREEN/KELLY GREEN Eye Liner:  Makes blue eyes appear clear and icy blue.
  • SILVER Eye Liner:  Makes eyes sparkle.
  • WHITE Eye Liner:  Opens eyes.  Place in the corner of your eyes and see how they pop.

Wedding Superstitions

Written by Cindy Hoke on Monday, 02 April 2012. Posted in Weddings, fresh faces News

Unique and interesting wedding superstitions

Read how some wedding superstitions have turned out to be today's wedding traditions.

THE BRIDAL VEIL:  The veil has served many purposes throughout history.  Protecting the bride from the "evil eye;" protecting her from jealous spinsters who were thought to be witches; and protecting the groom, his family, and other wedding guests from the bride's psychic powers - just in case she had any.

THE WEDDING KISS:  A throwback to the days when the couple was required to consummate their marriage in the presence of several witnesses, to insure the consummation actually took place.

BRIDE'S GARTER & FLOWER BOUQUET:  Originally, the groomsmen fought with each other to see who would get the bride's garter, which was suppose to bring good luck to the person who possessed it.  But, the Church frowned on the practice, and it was eventually replaced by the bride throwing her flower bouquet to her bridesmaids.  Today both customs exist.

THE WEDDING RINGS:  Ancient Egyptians, Romans and Greeks all exchanged rings during their wedding ceremonies.  Because a circle is a round, unending shape, it came to symbolize the ideal love that was supposed to come from marriage -- it flowed from one person to the other and back again, forever.  The ring has always been worn on the left hand - and was originally worn on the thumb.  It was later moved to the index finger and then to the middle finger, and eventually ended up on the third finger.  The third finger was believed to lead straight to the heart.

THE HONEYMOON:  This European tradition dates back hundreds of years and gets its name from that fact that newlyweds were expected to drink honey, which was believed to be an aphrodisiac, during the period of one full cycle of the moon.

THROWING RICE OR CONFETTI:  Originally a fertility ritual.  Wedding guests would threw wheat at the bride only, in the hope that she would bear children the same way that wheat produced bread.

THE WEDDING CAKE:  Guests originally provided "bride-cakes" to a just-married woman to encourage fertility.

JUNE WEDDINGS:  It was customary for Romans to marry in June to honor the queen of the gods, Juno, who was also the goddess of women.  They hoped to win her favor to make the marriage last, and make childbirth easier.

CARRYING THE BRIDE OVER THE THRESHOLD:  Romans thought good and evil spirits hung around the entrance of a home.  They also believed if you walked into your house left foot first, the evil spirits won.  So to be sure the bride, whom Romans figured was apt to be careless, did not accidentally step into her new home with the wrong foot, the groom just picked her up and carried her.

THE RECEPTION SPEECH:  In pre-Christian Rome, the newlyweds hired an "official joker" to tell dirty stories to guests during the reception.  The Romans believed that "unclean" thoughts in the minds of guests turned the attention of vengeful gods away from the newlyweds, which helped protect them from evil.

DECORATING THE WEDDING VEHICLE:  In medieval France, when a couple was unpopular, people ridiculed them publicly by banging on pots, kettles, etc.  This was a noisy mock to the newlyweds.  This gave way to a new custom - trying to keep a couple from consummating their marriage by making a noise at their window.  When newlyweds began to leave weddings by car, the only way to harass them was to deface the vehicle.


Make-up tips on how to make your face appear narrow

Written by Cindy Hoke on Monday, 05 March 2012. Posted in Makeup Tips, fresh faces News

How to create the illusion of a narrow face

Have you ever wondered how to make your face appear thinner?  Here are some amazing make-up tips to achieve this look.

HIGHLIGHTING AND CONTOURING:  The objective here is to enhance your bone structure to make the face appear thinner.  

  • Apply a darker foundation than your skin tone down the sides of your face, near the hairline OR apply a lighter foundation than you skin tone down the center of your face and across the top of your cheekbone.
  • Apply a darker contour than your skin tone below the cheek bone using an upward sweep.
  • Use a contour in the crease of the eye to help highlight the lid.  If your eyes are too far apart and you wish to bring them closer together, then use the darkest concentration toward the inside corner of the eye. 

THE NOSE: To make the nose appear longer and thinner.

  • Darken the sides of your nose from the inside corner of the eyebrows to the bottom of the nostrils. 
  • If you have dark circles under your eyes, instead of darkening the side of your nose, apply a streak of lighter foundation or highlighter down the center of your nose -- start between the eyebrows and end at the tip of your nose.

EYELINER:  To make the eyes appear closer together:

  • Line your eyes starting at the inside corner of the bottom lid and extend the liner lightly beyond the corner in an upward direction.
  • Make your liner thicker at the center of your top and bottom lid.  You may also smudge from the inside corner to the center, and from the outside corner to the center to achieve this.

MASCARA To make your lashes appear thicker.

  • Apply mascara on the bottom lashes in an outward direction on the outside edge and straight down the center.  Apply a few extra coats to the center of the bottom lashes.
  • Apply mascara on in an upward direction on the top lashes and apply an extra coat to the top center.

EYESHADOW:  To help make the eyes appear closer together and assist in creating a larger lid space.

  • Place the lightest shade of eyeshadow in the center of your eyelid and/or the space just below the arch of your eyebrow.
  • Use a medium to dark eyeshadow on the inside corner of your eye.
  • Use a medium eyeshadow, angled upward on the outside corner of the eye.  This will create a more vertical look.
  • If your eye lids are smooth, you can use frosted shadows for the center of your eye to create a more dramatic affect.  If your eye lids are wrinkled, be sure to use only matte shadows.

BLUSH: To make your face appear thinner.

  • Apply cheek color on a vertical angle beginning at the center of your cheek and sweep upwards to the outside corner of your eye.  Your blush should not extend past this point, nor should it fall below the tip of your nose.
  • Use the concentrated color on the center of the your cheek and graduate to nothing.

Have fun with these make-up tips for creating a narrow looking face, and let me know how they worked for you.  Be sure to look for my next make-up tips on to make your face appear wider. 

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