Find out what eye liner color works best for your eyes!

Written by Cindy Hoke on Thursday, 06 September 2012. Posted in Makeup Tips, Special Occasions, Proms, Weddings, Makeup Trends

See how your eyes can pop and sparkle with the right eye liner color!

Ever wonder what eye liner color to use for your eyes?  Here are some fun color tips for your eyes!

  • LIGHT BLUE Eye Liner:  Makes blue eyes appear darker and bluer.  Also, makes the whites of the eyes appear whiter.
  • DARK BLUE Eye Liner:  Make blue eyes appear paler.
  • VIOLET Eye Liner:  Makes blue eyes appear violet and makes dark eyes appear darker.
  • DARK GREEN/FOREST GREEN/YELLOW Eye Liner:  Makes green eyes appear greener.
  • FOREST GREEN/KELLY GREEN Eye Liner:  Makes blue eyes appear clear and icy blue.
  • SILVER Eye Liner:  Makes eyes sparkle.
  • WHITE Eye Liner:  Opens eyes.  Place in the corner of your eyes and see how they pop.

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Cindy Hoke

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