Foundations for different skin types - does yours match?

Written by Cindy Hoke on Friday, 14 November 2014. Posted in Makeup Tips

Foundations for you!

Today, foundation comes in many different forms -- liquid, cream, stick, mineral powder and tinted moisturizer.  Are you using the correct one for your skin type?

Foundation is a tinted cosmetic used to even out skin tone and color, conceal imperfections, and protect the skin from the outside elements of climate, dirt, and pollution.

To help you with any confusion when selecting the perfect foundation for you, here are some simple tips to keep in mind:

Best for all skin types.  If you have slightly oily skin, opt for an oil-free formula.  Liquid foundation provides a light to medium coverage.
Application Tip:  Pour a few drops on a makeup palette, dip in a foundation brush and paint over your face from the center out.

Best for very dry skin and camouflaging birthmarks and scars.  Cream foundation provides a full coverage.
Application Tip:  Applied with a damp sponge will help the cream glide on smoothly.

Best for dry skin.  Stick foundation provides a medium coverage.
Application Tip:  Apply a stripe down your face and blend with your fingers.

Best for sensitive skin and anyone with rosacea or acne.  Mineral Powder provides a light coverage, but is buildable.
Application Tip:  Use a fluffy powder brush to deposit an even layer.

Best for normal to dry skin.  Tinted Moisturizer provides a very light sheer coverage.
Application Tip:  A quick swipe of your fingers will do the trick.

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Cindy Hoke

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